Friday, June 7, 2013

sweet tooth

Since I'm off the wine (boo-hiss) I have had a major craving for something to indulge in. I've made the following and decided it was beyond my duty to share. I take no credit for these just found on Pinterest and fell madly in love.

No. 1 : Strawberry Yogurt Cake. For breakfast or a snack, it will change your life and you can thank me later. That is all.
IMG_4927 No. 2 : Basic Chocolate Chip Cookies. So easy and simple. I doubled the recipe & froze them so they're always ready to roll. How nice to have something I can bake off and deliver to a friend in a jiffy?! The only thing is I thought they were too chocolaty the first time. Maybe I'm weird, but I halved the chips and they were mucho better. Just saying.
And just because I can't leave the week without sharing this little nugget. Here's my tiny dancer. Ain't she the cutest?! She adored her first ballet class this week. She walks on her tip toes all the time any way so I'm thinking this is the perfect fit!


  1. Precious girl! I think that cake will definitely be in my future. Nothing like cake for breakfast! Tell me about your curtains, Bonnie!

  2. Ok... printing off the recipes now. And I sound like a lush but I really miss my beer and wine when preggo. Though I do treat myself to a glass from time to time! 3 weeks and counting until #3 gets here... then I'll drink some vino for you!