Friday, August 14, 2009

studio b.

studio b

A few weeks ago my mother, aunt, cousin and I discovered a little gem on our ladies trip to Florida. First, Alys Beach is simply breathtaking and a must visit next time you're in the panhandle of Florida. The place we discovered there is Studio b. It's the creation of Colleen Duffy - her "plan b" as you might say. She hosts a variety of creative events with some of the talented folks she met over the years as a professional photographer. And her studio is to die for - I will post pics soon.

For this particular event Brooke Parkhurst (author of Belle in the Big City) & her husband Jamie (a chef) did a cooking demonstration. Her mother was there too and they were all too cute! They had lots of fun tips for those of us still learning to cook. I'm pretty sure our little crew steam-rolled in - ready for a big time and added quite a bit of spunk to the evening!

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