Friday, August 28, 2009

baling hay


Since being back home this week, I've been holding down the fort while my parents are in Maine with friends. My duties are pretty simple, but the catch is, I am in charge of looking after 3 jack russell terrors, I mean terriers.


Anyway, every morning I accompany them on their morning ritual... a walk down the driveway to get the paper and back. I've seen all sorts of critters: turkeys, hawks, deer, and a possum. But the last couple days it's the deer that have peeked my interest. A momma, dad and twins, plus their friends. It must be a good pasture for grazing. The tall grasses were cut down yesterday. Neat rows of hay lay flat on the ground, ready for baling. And the three terriers took off down the rows, searching and sniffing for anything interesting.

deer family





  1. Pontotoc is now famous!
    We loved having you home. mum

  2. You failed to mention that one of those Jacks is blind and deaf! Love your photos and commentary. Pontotoc is truly paradise! Amy C.