Wednesday, June 9, 2010

books and bedtime shower


This is a bit belated, but I still wanted to share this fun party. Mom and aunt Louise have a lot of the same friends since they're sisters. A few that they go way back with, offered to throw cousin Lauren and I a shower. And by golly they went all out. The drinks were flowing and the mood was mighty spirited for a Sunday afternoon. We gathered at Louise's house and were immediately taken in by this lovely group of women. Smiling faces and curious minds all focused on the bellies. Some even remembered stories to tell about us as babies. I can only imagine our mothers in big mexican tent dresses, out on the farm, balancing us on their hips. We were definitely glowing by the end. Maybe not as glowing as those partaking in the champers, but glowing none the less. Keeping it all in the family, so to speak, Currier catered the affair with some divine nibbles. By gosh that girl has a way with food. Host Anita, brought children's books & stuffed animals to gussy up the spread. Adorable.


Lauren and I opened some wonderful gifts while the "adults" continued to get very lively. Somehow the roles had really reversed here. It was a ball! And I made sure to try each flavor of cupcake before I left. At this point, why not? The party was wrapping up and a few women sped off in a hot red convertible. In the wrong direction mind you. That was our clue. A good time really was had and now it was time to go home!


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  1. Hilarious! I am sending this to Ginger and Lynn.
    It really was a great day.