Wednesday, June 9, 2010

hospital bag

Umm, this could be one of the most boring posts ever, but hey… I'm in full on nesting mode. Yall will just have to excuse me for a while :)

So, I did it. I finally packed my hospital bag. Hubs has been nagging me for weeks, but it took having a serious, stop me in my tracks to double over, sort of faux contraction on Saturday to get my attention. And boy did it. I was working on the baby room. Actually, clearing out & de-cluttering would better describe the process. Baby will be spending the summer in my brother Will's old room so we've been putting away old video games, posters, frat t-shirts, and tons of cd's. Since he lives in NY, a lot of his stuff is still here. His room was like stepping back into highschool all over again. Sorry brother, but it's now babified with snuggly blankets and diaper pails. It's lookin' good I tell ya. Anyway, back to the bag. It's all packed up and just ready to be toted off to the hospital. Good thing too, cause I can only imagine hubs running around the house like a crazy man getting random items he thinks we'll need. Let's save him that stress please.

I looked at some lists on blogs like the stamford wife dear baby design mom and here's what made the cut : pj's * outfit for me to come home in * outfit for baby to come home in (little sack gown from a friend) * blanket for baby * socks * undies * nursing bra * ipod & speakers * headband * mothers special blend oil * robe * flip flops * magazine * phone charger * boppy * fancy shampoo + moroccan oil * toiletries
Hopefully this will suffice, but any tips from peeps out there are always welcome. Now if only I could just quit staring at the darn thing ever time time I walk by. Maybe it should go live in the closet as not to create any additional anxiety!


  1. sounds like you got the essentials. maybe a couple of trashy mags - us weekly, people, etc to take your mind of the contractions? maybe a bottle of bubbly and some plastic glasses to toast the babe while the nurses are away? good move on leaving the hairdryer/straightener and makeup. for some reason i've packed that BOTH times. not sure what made me think i'd be doing my hair makeup!? even round #2, when i knew i'd be recovering from a c-section i still packed that! wishful thinking. oh, and now that you've packed, you know that baby's staying put at least until your due date. that's how it goes.

  2. definitely bring your own pillow with a pillow case you don't mind throwing out (yucky hospital germs). same goes for a nice towel for you. i also lived in glamourmom tanks (no nursing bras) with both of my babes- means you can nurse without exposing your tummy to the world!

  3. Thanks for the tips. I've already told a few folks they better show up with bubbly after the big arrival :) And you're so right about the pillow - a must! thank ya ladies