Friday, June 18, 2010

due date


There were a few tears in my eyes as I rounded the stairs this morning. Mr Cooper wasn't there to greet me with his big, brown eyes. It just feels surreal and lonely without his presence. But life has a definite ying & yang to it. While we mourn our big buddy, we are filled with anticipation about the arrival of a new life. So we shifted our minds since today since this is the big due date. 40 weeks and baby is still holding on in there. Every time I call someone they answer anxiously expecting it to be "the" call. Not yet folks. Must be pretty warm and comfy inside there.

Typical Nashville style, I saw cousin Lauren at the doc's today. Hilarious! Of course she was there and of course we saw a friend of hubs from high school who's wife was also due today. I swear you can not go anywhere in this town without runnin' into somebody ya know. Everything looks good and well… we shall just see. I'm off to eat some spicy mexican - can't hurt!



  1. you look entirely too awesome to be 40 weeks!
    i had spicy tortilla soup the night my water broke w/ kate.

  2. You look so great! Yes, my due date came and went. Definitely makes for a little bit of anxiety. I was induced 5 days later... tried to go into labor but it never happened. Can't wait to hear your news.

    And I'm still so sad about Cooper... but excited that y'all are welcoming a new precious life to your family.