Sunday, June 6, 2010

lay or bust

Currier and I started Tenn Hens Design 5 years ago. We were burned out with the advertising world, wide-eyed and ready for a change. We didn't have a clue about starting our own gig, but we made up for it with a ton of passion. Plus, we worked our tails off. So, Friday was kind of sad. It was our last day in the office on Acklen Avenue. Now don't you worry… we hens shall continue business as usual, but we'll be working from home for now. It's just that I'm having a baby. Yes a real baby… whoa. And the fact that I live in Greenville (except for this summer of course). It's caused us to adjust our work style a bit and adapt to a new one: one that we hope will be just as successful and fulfilling. We packed up all our stuff this week and went through samples of our first projects: funny projects we thought were "huge" at the time. Currier and I cracked up and reminisced about all the bizarre things that had happened in this office. Oh if these walls could talk! We had some good times I tell ya. And more to come for sure.


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  1. I just found your blog and you two are adorable! Congrats on the little one on the way!