Friday, August 27, 2010

community tap

The gods were shining on hubs while we were away this summer. The Community Tap opened up down the street. Pretty much, he's in heaven. They sell craft beers on tap in growlers. We now have two in our fridge and hubs has already been back for refills. Isn't beer supposed to be good for nursing? Plus they have affordable wine and champers. Yes please. We strolled on down the hill with Miriam and happened to meet one of the owners and his wife, who was also pushing a stroller. Being there were two strollers in a beer store, we easily struck up a conversation about the hood. North Main has only one restaurant and about ten hair salons, so thank goodness we got a new type of business. I really hope folks support them. They could not have been nicer and the store is adorable. Everyone walking in knew one another by name. At least we'll be breaking a little sweat with all these hills. Or that's what we will tell ourselves, because I know we'll be strolling back quite often.

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  1. A place like that near my house could get the hubs and me in trouble!! We love good beer. And yes, I think a little bit helps out the nursing. At least Collins hasn't complained!