Sunday, August 1, 2010

our first outing

To stretch our legs and get out of the house, Miriam and I have been taking a mornin' stroll. My arms get a break and she's calmed by the chirping birds & warm air. She just sucks, sucks, sucks on her paci. This child is obsessed with Soothies and thank goodness for them. Only this morning I forgot the paci and it was all cool til she woke up. Luckily my stroller skills (in the fabulous bob) had her whizzing around and back into slumber. We were cruising along until a big, dark cloud showed up. The horses started to gallop around we spun around. Too late. The wind picked up, the sky opened up and I took off running. I'm sure I looked ridiculous in my pajamas, calling after the dogs, and hoofing it full speed. Miriam's eyes were big & wide like… "mama, what in the world have you got us into". Oops!
So my "big" news of the week is the babe and I had our first venture out alone. Who knew that could be so intimidating?! Well let me tell ya… I was a nervous nelly. First stop was my doc for a post baby check up. I hauled her in the mammoth car seat and she was totally chill right up until my exam. Then she woke up hungry and with a diaper blow out. She screamed during the entire exam. Lovely. Miriam sure does know how to make her presence known. It was fine though and the nurses loved on her. Next stop was lunch and a friends house where I popped her the Bjorn. I swear that thing lulls her to sleep. It's taken me a good 6 weeks, but I'm slowly coming on back.
Since I've been home, I got momma hooked on "bethenny getting married". The men roll their eyes, but it's mindless entertainment. So we sampled the "skinny girl" margarita she shamelessly promotes on the show. Annoying name, but it's not bad - very refreshing and not too sweet. Plus you add nothing but ice & a lime which is easy… even when you're jiggling a baby on your shoulder.


  1. Glad you made it before the rain! Miriam is too cute!

  2. haha! we got soaked one day when rainer was about 4 weeks old and i had them both out in the double bob. of course, i am not supposed to run 4 weeks post-csection but i had to sprint about a mile home, it was really coming down!
    good call on the bjorn. we got the fancy ergo for xmas and rainer is not a fan. she prefers the bjorn that's been through six kids now - a serious hand-me-down. figures.
    miriam is getting cuter and cuter and i cannot wait to meet her!!!

  3. Congrats on the first outing! I have been wanting to try that margarita, I like that it is so easy!