Saturday, August 7, 2010

summer times

My what a summer we've had, but it's time to return to our bungalow in Greenville. The last couple of months have been filled with all sorts of memories, the biggest being Miss Miriam. To share her arrival with friends from home has been such a blessing. And living on the farm with my parents… married and with a baby… well it was truly unique & wonderful. I think hubs got to know my folks on a whole new level! Evenings all gathered in the kitchen discussing/arguing/laughing - everything from politics, to how to get the baby to stop crying. "Aunt Fi" kept us in hysterics with her visits and friends kept our bellies full with all the delicious food. Momma and hubs did the cooking on other nights and clearly established the "kitchen wars".
As fun as it's been, it's time to get on back to Greenville. I miss that town and I'm looking forward to settling back in to our home and seeing friends. Mr Cooper won't be with us though and we sure will miss his presence. Big buddy loved it there. But Miriam is in for a treat and we'll be showing her around town and embarking on new adventures. Little nugget will be a South Carolina girl in no time.

Wish us luck on the six hour car trip with a six week old baby…off we go!


  1. i am in love with that picture of your mom on the phone holding miriam. she looks like an old hat at this whole grandma thang! have your parents picked out grandparent names or will miss miriam get to do the honors in a year or so?

  2. Sam Adams- smart girl. Ha. Miriam is precious.

    welcome home!