Tuesday, August 24, 2010

the lazy goat

Even though the clouds were out and rain was falling, we were anxious for a night on the town. One that started at 5:30, but a night out just the same. We got all dressed up and met some friends at the Lazy Goat downtown. Not the boys preference, but I think it's mighty nice. Plus they have good bubbles by the glass so it passes my test. Oh, and yes we took the baby. She was happy as a lamb being passed around between the girls shoulders. All went shockingly well. Even with two diaper changes. I did the first one then sent hubs in for round two. Woo-hoo, we survived.
My goodness, it felt good to be out. Laughing and telling stories with some new, great friends. Who knew we'd be the "baby" people in the group?! I even gave her a bottle towards the end. It felt funny and yet, kinda normal too to have this little punkin' at our side. And then it was time for our little fam to take it to the house. Our friends continued their evening out at dinner, and us… well, we went home for quiche. Times they are a changin'.

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