Tuesday, April 26, 2011

baby tech

Let me start by saying I'm kinda torn on this subject. Recently, I was getting a pedicure and a mother & young daughter to my right staring at their phones. Actually, the daughter had an ipad and a phone in her lap. Their eyes were glazed over and they barely spoke a word to each other the whole time. Now, I'm a tad obsessed with my iphone too, but it really annoyed me. What a tiny opportunity to just relax and talk to one another. I need to remind myself that I don't know these people and it's not any of my business, but what it did was make me do a mental check not to be that way. I love what the internet has given us… the freedom to work from home, or stay in touch with old friends on facebook, or skype with my family, or blog… but sometimes we need to turn it all off and just be present. That's really what I took away from a situation that was super minor, but a good personal reminder.

But…with all that said, I'm still fascinated with the possibilities of technology. And shhhhh, I downloaded my first app for Miriam. Yes, yes, I know I'm a walking contradiction, but everything in moderation right? Besides, knowing your farm animals is serious business for babies. This one is called Peekaboo Barn and I'm just as obsessed as the baby.

And I'd definitely buy 3 Little Pigs too if she was old enough!

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  1. i'm with ya. saw the same thing in the waiting room at the doc the other day. i was all pleased with myself for reading to my kids while this mom and daughter were each on their own iphone. but, like you, i did try to withhold judgement. they may have had a really rough night/morning and just needed to chill out. i used to judge people who gave their kids lollipops to keep them quiet and i have done it on the road quite a bit recently! kate will use ipads at school next year so i got to learn how to use them!