Thursday, April 21, 2011

design by nanny

Our little bungalow, while wonderful & charming is pretty small. Now, I like a cozy, lived in house with lots of stuff, but this is pushing it. And with baby girl around it's gotten crazy cramped. Plus we had no area outside the nursery for her to sit and play. I was constantly piling blankets on the hard wood floors to try and create a space and then cleaning it up at the end of every day.

So, since I was super busy and had no extra time I sensibly decided we needed a makeover. Naturally. Carlisle, my nanny, and I got straight to work moving everything around. She's amazing and the next thing I knew the house was in complete shambles as we switched rugs, moved furniture, changed lighting, and then switched it around some more. Hmmm, I knew this girl had an eye for interiors when every day the tv was tuned in to HGTV. Nanny / decorator / future med-school student, you could say I lucked out at the grocery store that fateful day. It's nothing fancy, but I can't even tell you how much better my house looks and now I'm wishing I had before+after pics. My husbands face, like what in the world have you been doing, was classic.
 {the new playroom with my downward facing dog baby cakes}
 To top of my new arrangement, my recent purchase, a little owl lamp from Target now had a spot. I was a little unsure when he arrived. Kinda quirky and larger than I'd expected, but now I adore him and smile every time I come and go.


  1. What a great nanny! Love seeing glimpses into your home.

    And Miriam. You know what I think about her. Preciousness!

  2. Love it, Buns! Wish I'd seen that owl lamp at Target! And I love the fabric on the pillow next to it - what is that, Hable?

  3. Thanks Mols, I got the pillow on Guilt. Love that site!

  4. Love the owl lamp! I have a thing for those birds. Also, the magazine/book rack is great! Love it!

  5. thats my bedside table...nice work