Wednesday, April 27, 2011

town greenville

I love flipping through the local paper & magazines, but most of the ones here disappoint. Sorry, Greenville News. However, I've kind of fallen for a new one called TOWN. Features on local artists, restaurants, and general cool things going on. One showed a place called Grits & Groceries and now I'm definitely planning a drive to the country. Anyway, I know most people skip right over the ads, but not moi and one of 'em (by Lindsay Carmody) caught my eye. So I went to her site and saw more of this friendly kitchen. Sure wish that window shade could make its way to my house.


  1. Grits and Groceries is AMAZING!!! Its a drive...but worth it for sure! Especially when tomatoes are in season!

  2. ha! check this out: