Monday, April 25, 2011

easter weekend

Waking up to the pitter-patter of rain on a Saturday is a good excuse to stay in my pajamas a little longer. Lately I've been skipping the whole high-chair thing and baby girl eats in her bumbo on the counter. This way she can see the world. Today she was extra interested in my making the coffee and we both nibbled on some fruit. That banana can be extra slippery for little nubby fingers so I fed her with my own. Then she'd get distracted and try and pull her bib off or reach her hand into the yogurt nearby while I wasn't watching. Tricky little nugget.
I've snapped out of my hum-bug mood and had a wonderful Easter weekend. I picked up my lovely succulent arrangement at Roots. You bring them your own containers (I got mine at t.j.max for cheap) and they'll plant everything for just the cost of the plants. I said I wanted moss and no rocks, but I got rocks & no moss. No worries, I still dig it.
And I finally got to hang out with my husband. He's been working non-stop on his final project and though it's not over, I see an end in sight. It's crazy to think he's almost done with school. Yep, I'm going to be one proud wife. And since it was Easter Sunday we decided it was time for Miriam to test out the nursery. We all put on our nice clothes and arrived ready for the drop off. Then I realized I forgot to put shoes on her. Oh well, she's still mini. I put her in a bouncer and she looked at me like, ahh where am I? She's been in our nest with just me and Carlisle so being surrounded by strangers, babies everywhere, and in a new environment… umm, it was a lot. Someone was holding her when we got back and apparently she'd been a wee difficult. Didn't like their toys, just wanted to be held or walked in a stroller. I swooped her up and wiped the tears and she was back with momma. Poor baby, but I know they took care of her and she was just fine by the time we got home. Right in time for a nap so we could enjoy a little brunch outside. Have I told you how much I love quiche? Well, I do. You can pretty much put anything in there and it's going to taste good. And I always have eggs, cheese, and some sort of leftovers I can throw together when the fridge is looking a little empty. So we grazed on quiche & scones, while toasting to a relaxing weekend, a sleeping baby, and all new things to come this springtime.


  1. ohh isn't quiche the best!! i have this fab recipe that you put wild rice, cream cheese, italian tomatoes and of course eggs and crust and it is so surprising and wonderful.

  2. Great pictures. You look 16 by the way!
    Love, Mums

  3. i love the pics too!! you look SUPER FAB!! I cannot believe that you had a baby! You go girl!