Thursday, September 29, 2011

baby steps

A bit wobbly and a tad unsure, but the Moosh has taken her first steps at the ripe ole age of 15 months. I can't believe it and it's the coolest thing to watch her little "drunk" walk across the room. Cute as pie I tell ya. She's seriously growing every day. Becoming this independent child that plays by herself, sometimes quietly whispering in her own language. And then she'll remember I'm in the room and come bury her head in my lap for a snuggle and kiss and a roll around. This morning I finally had to wake up sleepy head so we could get the day going. She was all curled up with a tight grip on her favorite pink elephant lovey. I patted her back as she opened her eyes and cracked a smile when I picked her up. Her body was limp and head heavy on my shoulder. That baby breath gets me every time. Gonna be hard to leave her when I jet off on a girls trip tonight, but Pawleys Island is calling and I can't wait to slip my toes in the sand and hug on some old friends. Be back soon with some tall tales!


  1. I can't handle the cuteness! Congrats on your walker! Love the overalls!

  2. she has a little curl, sweetest Moosh!