Monday, September 12, 2011

the nursery

I was over at my friend Katie's this weekend checking out her nursery. The sheets were on the crib, the changing table all set up, and rows of teeny-tiny clothing were all washed and hung in the closet. Everything in place just waiting for the arrival of baby Hitt. I got home and started to get Moosh settled in for her afternoon nap. I drew the curtains and turned on the noise machine and we rocked. Same chair and same crib, but not the same nursery. Not the same spot I brought home the nugget to. Not that she knows the difference, but it made me nostalgic over my the sweet little Greenville nursery I'd worked so hard on. I nested and prepped and bought a few special things just for that space. It was nothing designer or fancy, but it was our spot and I  lurved it so. We clocked a lot of hours in that room and I'll never forget it. So, even though this is a bit past due I thought I'd share some images I took before we moved.
crib & birds nursery-pics2 IMG_4915 changing-table nursery-pics1

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  1. Hi - have just found your blog and spent an embarrassing amount of time strolling through the archives. Seems we have a bit in common: affection for Garden & Gun, Tennessee, Ina's chicken pot pie (yes, I went back that far), etc. And we both have a sweet little gal! Looking forward to keeping up ...