Thursday, September 8, 2011

the end of summer

This morning started out with me gathering and picking up, making lunches, and just being frantic. Cooking breakfast (frozen waffles, mmhmm) and feeding Moosh while checking emails and trying to be wide awake. One of those. Trying to deliver the baby to the nanny (more to come) on time and not forget anything is a tad tough, but then I got a major pick me up. I tromped into Starbucks in the rain with baby on the hip about to order my boring latte, when tah-dah… the pumpkin spice latte was back. Oh yes please Barista sir, ring me up.

So back to important business… baby girl started a mothers day out program this week. Eeek! I went to my first parents meeting and found myself totally tuned out. All I could think about was bringing her in with her mini lunch box and leaving her to nap on a mat with a room full of children. Seriously? Have you met my child? I can't imagine they nap one wink, but everyone says they do so, whatever. We shall see. In the meantime it looks like I need to start labeling every single item she uses, including diapers. The other days of the week I'm carting her over to cousin Lauren's to nanny share. Charlie & Moosh… those two are two peas in a pod and have a big time together. Plus Lauren's house is way cool and they have about every toy you can think of. I think it's a sweet deal.
She's a happy camper, but I do feel a little guilty dropping her off. I remind myself that she's fine and very well taken care of, but that sneaky mothers guilt still creeps in. It's a hard balance for sure, but I so love my job. Just this week I got to work on an amazing job and we are ramping back up now that I'm back home. Hopefully a happy momma is a happy baby. And I am happy. Things are still up in the air, but life is good. And here's a random mix of it all…


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