Thursday, March 1, 2012

you is kind, you is smart, you is important

I finally watched The Help over the weekend and this one line has stuck in my head. The opening scene shows sweet baby hands stroking Aibileen's face as she repeats these words and I knew I was hooked right then for the next two hours. Baby's love to touch your face. I trace a line around Miriam's cheeks,  then across her eyebrows, and down her nose. Then she does the same thing saying… "mommy's eyes, mommy's mouth, mommy's nose". I think this one line in the movie is so simple, but so powerful and I hope to come up with my own little prayer to affirm to baby girl every day. So, I designed a print… you can buy here.
you is kind


  1. i say that to my girls on a regular basis. i try to use correct grammar, but same idea:)

  2. That movie is at the top of my list! I really need to watch it soon...I keep hearing the best things about it. But it's a chick flick right?

  3. Yes, but my husband loved it too. Great acting, great accents, great clothes - you gotta see it.