Wednesday, March 31, 2010

sixx design

I've succombed to yet another Bravo reality show. What is my deal? It's a serious problem, but at least I'm quick to admit my weakness. That should count for something. Anyway, I've had this image on my computer for a long time. I have no idea where it came from, but I'm in love with the yellow shutters + yellow curtains. Well I've come to find out this friendly looking couple, have a design business (sixx design) and a new show. 9 by Design. Hubs and I watched the preview episode last night and were fascinated by their business. Oh and they have 7 children. Yes, you heard me right that's seven. Yowza. I'll be tuning in.


  1. So it was good? I have been intrigued but haven't watched yet.

  2. How was it? I've heard that their book was really good. I'm interested, I must admit.

  3. It was really good and I set up my dvr to record the next ones. Fascinating because they're working on major houses. Like no budgets and very big city design. Looks like it's going to be cool!