Wednesday, June 6, 2012

dinner dates and digging ditches

Wanna hear what put me in a really good mood last weekend? Two dinner dates out. I felt like I was all young and hip again. I actually used the word hip while we were out though and Trevor said using that word definitely meant I am by no means "young." Durn. Anniversary night we tried Bolsa. It reminded me of going to East Nashville back home. You wonder a bit about the part of town you're entering, but then you hit this foody mecca that makes the trip totally worth it. Bolsa was so good I can barely pick a favorite bite, but that okra & cornbread stew sure warmed my heart. That and the good lookin' guy across the table. He's pretty special to me and I'm glad we're doing this together. We had after dinner drinks at Oddfellows which was my kind of spot. Pretty branding caught my eye and they made me a mean dark & stormy. Our restaurant hopping continued on Saturday with some friends at Salum. All the food in this town is on a whole nother level people. Brownie points for the big D this weekend.
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And here's my happening on the home front : Yesterday we got new plumbing installed. Two huge holes in our backyard and no bathroom floor remain. It went from crazy busy all day yesterday as they installed our new plumbing to crickets today. When a contractor says "sure, no problem" we'll make your timeline, be wary. I've been stewing all morning as I watch workers next door get after it, while our job site stays quiet. Never mind that we discussed our deadline ad nauseum and that my mom is coming on Sunday. If this guy ever finishes our bathroom it will be a small miracle. Ughh, construction.
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  1. Glad y'all are enjoying Dallas. So sorry about the bathroom - such a pain. By the way, the other thing that makes me realize we are not young (besides the use of the word "hip") is that it is light out when you were at Oddfellows, which was for after-dinner drinks. Home by 9, I suppose? That's how we roll.

  2. I can't wait to see your cottage when the work is done- pelase do a house tour soon!

  3. While waiting for your workers... just think... Yay for booze! :)