Thursday, June 21, 2012

t w o

Every morning I hear peeps and talking and funny noises coming from upstairs. Ever morning I open the door and greet Miriam with a big "good morning baby". This morning was different. Today, I got to say "happy birthday babycakes", to which she repeated right back to me. My little mynah bird. Two years ago we were in the hospital steadying ourselves and awaiting the big arrival. She was perfect and new. Tiny and pink. My baby girl. Now, here we are at two with scraped knees and little hands that can reach up to the kitchen counter.
I remember thinking how much I loved the six month mark, and then eighteen months was so blissful and now at two I think this is my favorite. I think you love it all when you're a mom. The good and the bad and the hard all roll into a love you can barely express, but it's there and it fills you.
T W O… Loves music in the car. Went potty for the first time (but not since). Awesome eater, but loves to ask for yogurt and then not eat it. Says "ok" instead of "yes". Likes to put hats on and play cowgirl. Very opinionated about what pajamas she wears. Still obsessed with lovey. Great sleeper. Still not sure about sharing…bit of a mine-o-saur. Helps mommy put away groceries, but insists on putting everything in the bottom bin. Favorite thing to "draw" is moons.
Says hi to everyone at the grocery. Puts herself in time-out when she's had enough. Goes swimming in the bathtub and eats bubbles. Requests a band-aid almost daily. Asks for one wipe during diaper changes so she can then go wipe down her toys. Feeds elmo chair milk. Insists on a bib at meal time.
IMG_9881 IMG_9463 IMG_9885
current Miriam phrases…i not like mommy music / i wear dancing bears shirt / my daddy go work / sipsie girl love bananas / cows love grass / i go belle's house / i'm making cookies, i'm making milk / garage door not open, oh no / i want sing dance / i need change diaper / i want dance on mommy bed/ i not want take bath / mommy need potholder … obvi I could go on!

You make everything better and everything more beautiful. I'm sure glad I get to be your momma. Happy birthday baby!


  1. Happy birthday sweet girl! Can't believe flying time.

  2. Happy, Happy Birthday! Sounds like she and Collins are a lot alike... except for the bib part. He will not wear one!