Monday, June 18, 2012

mommas visit

It's been a while so I'm just going to dive on in y'all. Momma came to town and arrived just in time. I was missing home and feeling exhausted and irritable over our renovation saga. I needed a hug and a familiar face to help me sort it out and buck up a bit. Moms are good at that.
We lunched and shopped and explored this big ole place, but we also stayed in a lot and worked on the house. It was all and all a relaxing week except for a crazy break in the weather. A hail storm cam out of nowhere one evening around 5 and produced baseball size ice balls flying everywhere. It was so loud you wouldn't believe it. They were bouncing off the ground and tapping our windows and pegging the roof. It was nuts y'all. Mom and I were completely freaking out (actually, mom was freaking out), but leave it to the baby to remain cool and collected during an the chaos. Our neighbors were out in it and their back windshield was totally cracked and had holes all in it. Can you imagine? Thank goodness we were home safe and sound and there was wine in the fridge.
Untitled Untitled
Anyway, we survived the storm and went about our momma/daughter week of fun… touring the Nasher Sculpture Center, finding antique row downtown, getting me some neon shorts, watching the grout go in the bathroom, eating at the Zodiac room in the original Neimans (they start your meal with warm chicken broth & a cheese wafer which sounds bizarre, but it totally warms the soul!), celebrating my birthday (34 durn it), and perusing a fabric warehouse for drapes. Apparently the bamboo blinds I bought, while inexpensive and pretty, are not great for blocking out light. Oops. At least they look good.
Untitled Untitled Untitled arboretum1
One morning we went to the Dallas Arboretum to see the Chihuly exhibit which was seriously gorgeous. Everything was blooming and the blown-glass was twinkling in the sun, but I had to keep one eye on Miriam who wanted to dive into every pool of water we came upon. Lordy, toddlers are fast! Speaking of being a toddler, we're in a total Mommy mode around here. "No daddy hold hand, no May-May push stroller… I want Mommy, Mommy, Mommy." Oh, my silly Moosh I hope you love me this much forever.
Untitled The week was all too much fun and all went by entirely too fast. Momma leaving was sad and a few tears were shed, but it also re-energized my spirit. I'm feeling grateful and bit tougher like I can do this. I can live in a brand new city and be happy and find my way. Plus, my house is looking mighty fine with her special touch. Did I mention she rearranged all my knick-knacks, styled every table, fluffed, straightened, and helped me finally put stuff on the walls? She sure did. Thanks Momma. I needed you more than you know.


  1. I am completely incapable of hanging art without my mama. It's an impossible task. I wonder what we will do when our girls need us to hang things for them? Rise to the task i am sure!

  2. Sweetest daughter in the whole world!! Next up, our toes in the sand at the beach.

  3. Mommas are the best. Can't wait to see pics of your house!