Thursday, June 28, 2012

balloons and beer garden

I was up and at 'em this morning bright and early. Lots of work to do and I felt my mind racing already. Two little toddlers kept running into my office and fighting over the leftover birthday balloons so I made my escape to a nearby coffee shop. My friend Whitney and I hired a new nanny to start sharing and this week the girls are at my house. So far so good, but it meant last week I had to fire the previous girl. Very awkward and I completely rambled on, but it's really for the best and that's all that matters. Childcare has been such a source of frustration and worry, but that's for a whole nother post.
flyin_balloons bday-table Around the house things are FINALLY wrapping up in the bathroom re-do. Yahoo! We have a tile floor, water and a working shower and a toilet… wait, half a toilet. Yes, the workers somehow "lost" the top to the toilet during renovation. Now come on… tell me, just how do you lose a toilet top?? I'm sure what really happened is someone broke it and decided not to mention it. Lordy pete. I promise to take some good pics very soon.

The guys were still working last Saturday around 5, so we decided to get out of the house and try Goodfriend Beer Garden. It was cute and even the 100 degree heat couldn't keep us off the patio. We're from Tennessee where the humidity is thick so we 'aint scared. Well kinda. My car read 109 yesterday at lunch. It's going to be one long, Texas summer! beer_garden lemons

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  1. That is one beautiful little lady with a lemon!