Tuesday, October 2, 2012

rain, rain

Heavy and strong, the rain came on Friday and didn't let up for two days. This time, thankfully, it did not come pouring into the house as well. Roof and chimney tight - whew! It was lovely really. The plants all came alive when it was over and the sky was that deep blue with a tinge of coolness in the air. I spent Saturday at a nearby school for my Jr League project. The weather didn't cooperate, but as our leader said, we were grateful for the rain, which lets the garden grow. And I know Miss Miriam sure didn't mind watching extra cartoons all afternoon.
IMG_2706 IMG_2722
Then, yesterday afternoon, I ran around the house straightening up and getting the house presentable before an important visit from a yellow gal. Cooper dog left us the week before Miriam came into this world. The timing was surreal and heartbreaking. It was one of the worst days ever and I still get queasy just thinking about it. The best big buddy I've ever known. He didn't live nearly as long a life as he should have, but he was ready. Maybe he knew we would be so filled with love from our new baby that it would help us heal. And it did. We still talk about him all the time though and Miriam loves to look at his pictures and talk about what a good boy he was. And so now that we're settled in Dallas, it's the right time for our family to grow. We met our 3rd "candidate" from the local lab rescue and she was sweet, but not the best fit. I've been trying to lower my expectations because no dog will be quite like Coop, but I am totally hopeful we can find the perfect dog for us. Right now we're 0 for 3, but the yard is set and we are so ready. Keeping fingers crossed another big buddy will soon be curled up in our home.


  1. When did Miriam get so big? She is so darling. We got Buddy after meeting several other rescue goldens. I just KNEW when I saw him. We like to joke around about how he was so calm when we first met him- he probably was giving himself a pep talk "Okay, just keep it together. These people look great- just act really calm and sweet, then once they're hooked, you can let loose!"

    We love his wild and crazy ways though!

  2. I miss the big buddy he really was the best! Do M's friends have diapers on at the tea party! Hilarious - Fingers crossed