Tuesday, October 9, 2012

a weekend at home

Even though it was still a bit dark outside, we were all up extra early Saturday mornin'. Trevor was off to Austin and Miriam and I were up making coffee for the workers. T had "gotten a good deal" on some trees at work so a few guys arrived ready to get 'em in the ground. I figured some hot jo would be extra incentive to do a good job, plus Moosh loves to help my pour coffee beans in the grinder and push the button. She's very helpful, minus when she dumps a scoop out on the floor.
After breakfast we headed out to Plano to pick up a stroller. And why a new stroller you may ask? Because some jerk stole ours off our front porch. Yeah, I know I shouldn't have left it out so really it's my fault, but boy was I mad. So, we pulled up to a not so nice neighborhood and I started to think, hmmm, is this such a god idea to be in a strange neighborhood alone with my toddler? But of course I ignored my gut and knocked on the door anyway. Sure enough, there was an identical Bob waiting for me. Who knows, maybe I just bought my original one back!
by-window by-window-again
We stopped by a new lunch spot on our way back called Start. I ordered baked chicken nuggets + sweet potato tots for Miriam, but she ended up wanting my spinach & veggies wrap, which means I ate the chicken & tots. Typical. I'd totally go back though. Pretty inside and just a refreshing concept to fast food. The rest of our girls weekend was spent snuggled inside. Heat turned on for the first time and I went digging for jackets and sweaters in the closets. We read books in my bed and watched our "favorite show", a DVD of Busytown. Do you remember those Richard Scarry books from childhood? I remember pouring through them and all his tiny detail in each scene. The pickle car was pretty cool too.
Untitled Untitled Untitled
There was also an acorn hunt outside for the squirrels, some breathing treatments (just 'til this cough goes away), dressing up in our Halloween costume, a visit to Half Price books (major scores here), eating leftovers for dinner, watching chuck's day off on dvr, laundry, making my own vanilla creamer, and a grocery run for a Sunday evening roast. It can make a for a really long weekend to be on your own sometimes, but it's also mighty special to have a little shadow following you around saying, "I hold you mommy" when she wants to be picked up. By Sunday evening, little nugget was also pretty stoked to see daddy come home though and so was I.


  1. Loved this post. And that totally stinks about your Bob stroller. It's always nice when Daddy comes home around here, too!

  2. Bon - the house looks so good! love that sweet girl - am going to make that creamer looks delish

  3. So ironic given my parody of the Slaaaane Company that their steeplechase bags have become such a staple/go to tote(and fun spot for toddlers)for both of us! Wish I had been there to snuggle and watch BusyTown with you two!