Wednesday, September 2, 2009

weekend home


I felt like I was in some penthouse in New York city Friday night. Stars shining and a cool wind was blowing as we checked out the Nashvegas skyline. I was at this fabulous old condo off West End that a friend has restored. Crank, iron windows that open wide and cool old tiles and hardwoods. I'll have to take some good pics next time. Saturday was shopping with the cuz and Louigi in Franklin. I loved wandering around Haven - this eclectic, kind of rock & roll boutique. We lingered, chatting with them, and checked out the cool vignettes around the store.

Sunday was spent with Grandaddy Cowden. A table for two, and stories about him growing up and the war. Of course he was wearing a bow tie and seersucker - always dapper. We had quite a date!


1 comment:

  1. Granddaddy has a furrowed brow to match his slightly
    crooked bow tie! Love the Grant Wood style pose!