Thursday, December 23, 2010

big apple

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We touched down in New York on Friday and our feet didn't stop moving until we crawled into bed late Sunday evening. The big apple treated us very well. Every nook & cranny was bustling with people and energy. Shopping bags were piled on arms and the cold air didn't stop anyone from hitting the stores. I kept having to grab onto hubs coat as we walked around so I could look up at all the tall buildings without getting lost in the shuffle. Brother Will was our tour guide and totally hooked us up.
P.J. Clarke's - Dell'anima - Bleeker St Pizza - Pearl Oyster Bar - Cafe Clooney
Ahhh-mazing. We ate some of the best food I think I've ever had. And we had a celebrity sighting at Pearl Oyster : Roger Sterling from Mad Men (which I'm obsessed with) & Jack Bristow from Alias. Roger and I chatted, because my coat was hung on top of his and he was so charming and handsome. Totally made my night.

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And we shopped. 5th Avenue and Rockefeller Center was all decked out with lights and window displays. Mostly we just walked around the city, popping in stores and stopping for a bite or a drink as we went along. I could have spent the entire day just in Saks! We went up to the NY Athletic Club to see the incredible view of Central Park. It really gives you perspective to get up and look out at just how big the city is.
We did it up and stayed out into the wee hours having too much fun. But come Sunday afternoon, I was ready to head home to my mooshkin. It was definitely harder on me than her. I kept having to look at pictures on my phone and call home. Miss Miriam was fat and happy without me though. Momma and her got into quite a nice routine and even dabbled in some carrots. Oh, I missed her so much and couldn't wait to give her a big ole squeeze.
So much to do and so much more to see that I guess we'll just have to go back!
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  1. What fun!! I am glad you guys had a grand time! Merry Christmas!