Sunday, December 5, 2010

lazy weekend

I had all these grand plans for my weekend. Some cleaning, shopping downtown, a walk with a friend, and some work, but ya know what I did… not a darn thing. We were tired and a tad cranky around here, so we camped out all weekend in the bungalow with the babe. Winter is definitely here and it kinda makes me want to hibernate.

I did do few things though this afternoon when Miriam took a 2-1/2 hour nap. Hallelujah, what a peach! She's been doing 45 min naps and that just goes by entirely to fast to get anything done. Just as you think you're in a routine these silly babies go and change on you. Keeping us on our toes I suppose. So I worked on my Christmas cards and did some looking online for gift ideas… for other people of course. Though I did make a recent purchase for myself. It could not be helped. I saw these chew beads on rikshaw design and immediately decided I needed a strand. They're teething beads for babies to gnaw on. Since Mimers is putting everything possible into her mouth, these are perfection. And they'd be a mighty sweet gift for a new momma.

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  1. i was thinking how cute your necklace was and then i read further and saw it's chew beads. brilliant! my sister is pregnant so i will definitely pass this along. thanks for sharing :)