Thursday, December 2, 2010

nest in greenville

So, since my bambino is much more fashionable than moi these days, I've been stopping by my favorite little store in Greenville on occasion. Nest is like a little piece of baby heaven on Augusta road. It's adorable and I love the way they mix in baby stuff with pieces that you'd want in any room of your home. Very chic.
Last time I was there they were having an open house at their new location. I restrained myself and left with only a baby spoon set. Practical, but hopefully I'll be back for more things that we need for baby girl. Yes, I do believe it would be just cruel to to not have presents for her under the tree. Oh, and the stocking… she must have a stocking too!

one more thing… go check out this fabulous Greenville city guide. They left out some of my faves, but looks like I have some new places to check out!


  1. Looks like a great shop!

    Collins is getting a Bla-Bla dog backpack for christmas. It's precious! Love the Bla Bla dolls, too!