Friday, January 28, 2011

baby on a shelf

About seven months ago I was sleep deprived and overwhelmed with new responsibility. There was a new baby in the house and we had no idea what we were doing. Seriously. Feeling kind of cooped up I decided we needed a little project one day. So we had a little photoshoot - baby on a bookshelf. Naturally! I went straight to work arranging the shelf while momma arranged Miriam like a prop. Hubs thought we'd lost our minds and truthfully I probably had, but it was a hoot!
I sure don't miss those early days, but lordy she was one tenny-tiny, precious thing.
ps: I borrowed the idea from here so she gets all the credit.


  1. Adorable!! Ha- I can just imagine my mama and I doing the same thing someday.

  2. Precious!! Ah... the days when they were so tiny. Hard to remember. Probably because we were so tired!

  3. Fabulous photo! Let's do it again. Only this time, you can position her sitting in the bookcase.
    Another milestone and design opportunity awaits.

  4. ohmy, how adorable! She's going to look back on that photo and laugh :)