Friday, January 14, 2011


I tear our stuff from magazines all the time. I have intentions of organizing all the tear sheets into nice file folders, but the truth is they end up scattered around my house. Anyway, I tore out this pretty spread because of the great entryway. Our bungalow is very similar in that it doesn't have an entry hall. It just opens straight into the living room and we're always dropping things on the chair or dining table. This is much more stylish. Think I need to copy this girl.
{The golden retriever doesn't hurt either}
And her office makes me feel hopelessly unorganized. Making a note to get my act together asap. Maybe this afternoon. Better yet, maybe tomorrow.
photos from amy meier


  1. haha! I am right there with you. We have no foyer really--- and something like that would work wonders in my house. As would the office. And we have the golden retriever to complete the look! :) He comes with lots and lots of shedding hair.

  2. I am jealous. She did a fabulous job!

  3. i bet it only looks this good for magazine shoots. makes me feel better to think so, at least!