Thursday, January 20, 2011

a blessing

Her dress was pressed and ready for the big day. It had a small ribbon around each sleeve and tiny buttons up the back. We slipped the dress over Miriam's head, brushed her hair, and slid on some tights. It was time to get this baby baptized.

We were so lucky to have our parents and even a few friends join us for the service. I wasn't quite sure if we'd all make it because hubs and I came down with a terrible bug the night before, but we survived and pushed through on a high from all of the excitement. The weather was cold, but the church looked beautiful and bustling as we arrived. We gathered in the back along with the other babies, waiting our turn.

Miriam was such a hoot, making all sorts of strange grunting noises and kicking her legs like crazy right up until the minister sprinkled the water on her head. Then she was all calm. The peace of the Lord made for one very serene baby. And after all the commotion she promptly fell asleep in daddy's arms for the rest of the service. Arms hanging heavy and her cheek pressed against his shoulder, she'd let all the love in and that was all she could take.
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It was off to brunch to celebrate Miss Miriam's big day and we felt so grateful to be surrounded by those we love. Such a special day for such a special baby. I just didn't want to take her out of that sweet dress!

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  1. How did I miss this post? Such a special one. Loved the photos... thanks for sharing!