Thursday, February 10, 2011

adventures in baby food 2

Baby food making continues. I've got my bearings and it's been super easy. Plus I'm now armed with two new cookbooks (from my sweet friend) so we have some new things to try. A lot of veggies aren't exactly in season in February so I've just been buying frozen organic ones instead. Not as stellar as fresh, but close. Miriam's palette, if you can even call it that, is evolving. We've moved on from plain ole rice cereal to cinnamon apple-banana puree, avacado-banana mush & spinach-peas-pear goodness. Mmmm.

What I've learned: A little banana is good with everything. Some spices are just fine to add. Avacado is a great first food. Label everything you freeze because all the orange food starts to look the same. Canned food is not so hot, but canned pumpkin is good to go. And finally… the pre-made stuff is totally fine too. Mainly because prunes, apricots, purple carrot, and the like are just too complicated for me. Plus in a pinch it's kind of nice just to just squeeze out some food rather than planning to defrost ahead of time. I've been using Plum Baby and it's great, but mainly I love the packaging. And these sites are full of good info : wholesome baby & weelicious
Next up is cheese, yogurt, and meat. Though on second thought the idea of pureeing meat makes me want to gag. May hold off on that for a bit!


  1. fun, buns! looks like little miriam is enjoying your culinary skills! i, for one, have never pureed meat. gross! i sorta thought i wouldn't do much meat - had been leaning towards going all veggie - but rainer just loves meat right now. so i get the low-sodium deli turkey and chicken and just tear it up in little pieces. she was able to eat like that before i thought she could. even with just two little bitty teeth!

  2. Cute, cute.

    The meat thought grosses me out. I have to agree on that.

    Might need to email you soon to dicuss what you are feeding and when. And I am behind on my baby food making. Have been lazy and buying the Gerber Organic food.