Sunday, February 27, 2011

spring in february

We don't get a date night too often, but with hubs mom in town we lived it up Friday night. Well, nothing that crazy, but we did get out to a new spot called The Brown Street Club. Awesome little jazz club with a great bar. I highly recommend.

So, I don't know what the weatherman has up his sleeve, but today it was like 70 here in Greenville. Isn't it February?! No bother. I slid on my flip flops, opened up the windows, turned on some tunes and promptly went to cleaning the house. Normally I dread this type of work, but today, with the warm breeze flowing in and Miriam bopping happily in her bouncer, it was fabulous. I swear, she could hop in that thing for hours. Thank you to whoever invented that wacky contraption. The gorgeous weekend was perfect for an impromptu photoshoot with the Moosh in her new outfit. And by the way, she's sitting up all by herself! 8 months of working that core and now you're going strong little lady.

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