Sunday, February 20, 2011

trip home

The wind is blowing something fierce outside, but the temp is nice so I will take whatever warm weather we can get. Miriam and I have been settling into life on the farm the last couple of days. Lots of walks, visits to the barn, and watching three busy-body Jacks scurry around the house. Plus Momma has been getting some good baby time in while Currier and I get some work done.
Time flies when you're having fun though and I head back on Tuesday. Our trip over was basically a breeze. Though I did a mad dash through the Atlanta airport to make our connection (bags flying, baby crying, and me sweating profusely), it wasn't too bad. Plus I had the nicest guy help me carry on my bags while I was huffing & puffing trying to get the baby out of her seat while simultaneously breaking down the stroller as everyone waited on us. In fact, I had multiple men offer to help me on both flights. Thank goodness for the kindness of strangers. 


  1. Fun trip and great photos. Give your mom and dad my love and good luck on Tuesday!

  2. So glad the trip there was fine and that you are having a great time. Hopefully the return flight tomorrow will go just as smooth! xx- Brooke

  3. OMG, Early has to be the shaggiest donkey on the planet! Love the sunset shot, so send me a copy for my computer screen please!