Wednesday, February 23, 2011

ladies man

It's been a long road and almost 11 months of prepping, but the wait is over. Last night as a full moon shined high in the Kentucky sky, a colt was born. Donia (the baby's momma) is the thoroughbred mare my mom bought a few years ago for this very purpose. She's a beautiful, sweet girl and to have a foal has been a dream of moms. Donia lost the baby last time so we've been just praying she would have a healthy delivery.

Wobbly, but healthy he's all legs. My friend Carrie, the vet, went over last night as soon as her pager went off and got us a few pics. Welcome to the world little friend. I can't wait to give you a squeeze!
11 City Diamond 007


  1. How precious. Congrats to the family!

  2. I love it! And love that Carrie is your mom's vet! So fun!! Congratulations!! She is REALLY cute!