Wednesday, March 9, 2011

8 months

Lately I've been hitting the snooze button more than not. 5 more minutes please?! All snuggled under the covers and not ready for that cool air when I slip out. But then I hear a few little peeps and know it's time to rise. Always in a different corner and different position, even with her sleep sac on, Miriam is eagerly waiting my arrival. She certainly doesn't mind the bags under my eyes or the mismatched pajamas I have on. I can be exhausted and cranky, but when I see that little bed-head pop up with a grin I can't help but smile. It's the best.

Seems like I was just the other day bringing her home for the first time and feeling totally anxious about everything. Even giving her a bath was nerve racking. But slowly I'm getting the hang of being a momma and starting to feel like quite the expert. Well not really, but we are in this groove called a "routine" and it's glorious.

We're just relishing in this time. She's great when we venture out to dinner (at 5 o'clock mind you). Still fits in the car seat on the highchair. And you plop her down on a blanket and there she stays. Playing with toys or rolling onto her stomach, but that's as far as she goes. Hard for me to believe that she will one day be mobile. I saw a small glimpse tonight in the tub when she grabbed the sides and pulled up into a squat. Whoa. Kinda wish she could stay at this very stage for just a moment longer.


  1. She really is one of the prettiest little things I've ever seen. Precious.

    Enjoy her not being mobile. Before you know it... your roll of toilet paper will be on the floor!

    Sweet, sweet post. Amazing how fast the time is flying by, isn't it?!

  2. She is so absolutely gorgeous! I hope Daddy owns a shotgun, because when she starts dating he is going to *need* it!!! (c: I love that stage, too...definitely cherish every moment because they are gone too quick! I'm so glad you visited my blog so I could find yours! Have a great weekend!

  3. how cute are you two girls?!

    i was just thinking about the days when i could put bonzo on a blanket and he'd sit there happily playing with toys... it goes by way too quickly!
    glad you're soakin' it up!


  4. you two are adorable!

    love your photography. beautiful.

  5. She is seriously a beautiful baby!! I have a 9 month old and reading all you wrote about what she's doing, is totally my little Owen right now. Isn't it the sweetest age? And the mismatched PJ's...totally me too:)