Thursday, March 17, 2011

spring wish list

A little bird, ever so sweetly, mentioned to me that we need to limit our spending lately. Totally fine I said. No problem Sweets. But then piperlime crept into my email. Before I knew it I was adding items to my shopping cart. Shoot. Of course I didn't purchase a thing, but boy did I want to. These are right up my alley.
top & belt : emerson made
florals, jeans, bag, sandals : piperlime
shorts : anthro

Well and then I HAD to do a mini-me list. Hmm, what would Miriam wear? Too easy.
boho dress : rikshaw
stripe dress & checked skirt : pink chicken
wellies : joules
shorts & jumper : city sprouts
dead tshirt : rowdy sprout via lovelymorning

1 comment:

  1. Fun stuff. We're limiting spending around here these days, too. In fact, for the first time in my life I am cutting coupons for the grocery story! Crazy.
    Anyway, I'm having Rikshaw's Memphis show at my house this year! Wish you were here to co-host, I made about $250Rikshaw last year and hoping for more this year. If you want anything, let me know and I'll order for ya! If I have enough I may even do the girls twin bedding:) But if not, a couple of pairs of bloomers to show off Rainer-girl's thighs will do!