Monday, March 28, 2011

home again home again

Time to head home so we packed up our things once again and drove south. Seems like every few weeks I am packing a suitcase, but the visit with family & friends is worth the effort. Mimers was a pro and I think some of that had to do with her new ride. We just bought her a bigger carseat and it's like having a caddy in the back seat. More room for the Moosh. I was all excited about twirling her around to face forward in a couple months and now the rules seem to be changing. Children should face backwards until 2? Scuma! Seems ridiculous to me, but after seeing the multiple warning labels covering every child item I purchase, I'm so not surprised.
Anyway, it's back to work around here. Hubs is making the final push in school, while Mimers is changing little by little every day. Just this morning she was chilling on her tummy in the living room, and when I came back from the kitchen she had scooted to the dining room. Mind you, she scooted backwards, but she scooted none the less. And I've noticed she's arching her back just a bit trying to get that pot-belly off the ground. Can I say she's already growing up too fast? Because she is. When I visited my friend Nicole last week I couldn't believe how tiny her brand new baby was. Pink skin all swaddled up tight. Precious. Lordy, time sure does fly.
{ my new favorite beer from blue moon }
So after that wonderfully warm tease, it's back to dreary, cold, and rainy here in Greenville. Boo-Hiss. And I woke up needing extra caffeine to open my eyes. My fabulous sleeper (can't believe I'm saying that) is going through a little separation anxiety I'm afraid. She had a few weird nights while we were home & had a crying fit when mom was babysitting one night. Then last night she woke up an hour in just wailing. I went in a few times, but finally had to let her cry it out which was horrible. It took me back to those first few months in an instant. She did finally get to sleep on her own, whew, and woke up happy as a clam like nothing ever happened this morning. Poor nugget. I blame this miserable weather and I'm crossing my fingers all will return to normal when the sun comes out. Oh, pretty pretty please.

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  1. Collins has been doing the same thing. I have gone in a few times but it doesn't seem to help. He wakes up abrubtly... and a friend suggested that he might be having dreams? I don't know... hope it passes soon!