Monday, March 7, 2011

bearings nashville

I moved home after college. My first job was at an advertising agency in town, but in my mind it was just temporary. I had my sights set on New York. Somewhere big and different, and where I didn't run into someone I knew at every single turn. The truth is I didn't know what I wanted to do. But then things started to fall into place and make sense. I found a career, I fell in love, and eventually I started a business that I adore. All things that might not have happened had I jetted off to a new place. Plus, who am I kidding? I wouldn't have lasted a week in the big apple. Brother Will is MUCH more suited for that lifestyle than moi. Really I love being close to home and enjoy running into people when I'm in town. Familiar faces that knew my grandmother or went to school with my mom. Seeing friends I've known since pre-first grade. Looking back I'm not sure why I wanted to move except that other cities seemed much "cooler" at the time.

Funny because home seems to be quite cool at the moment. Every time I turn around there's a new store, a new blog, or a new restaurant popping up. One of the neatest things I've found lately is Bearings. A lifestyle blog for Southern gents in Nashville. Right up my husbands alley.

Now I don't want it to go and change TOO much, but it's great to see Nashville evolve. Deep down it just makes me long for home even more.

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  1. Well said! And great to know about Bearings in little ole Nashville.