Tuesday, May 31, 2011

back in the high life again

I've been meaning to blog, really I have, but my plate has been way too full. So this morning I am sitting down with my coffee to blog. Morning jobs are done and emailed to clients, baby is napping, laundry is a twirling, and here goes. For the past week we've been in Nashville staying on the farm. It's almost heaven. Miriam heads out first thing with momma and the dogs. Easing into the day with a morning stroll down the drive, while I stay behind and sip coffee and turn on the Today Show. And until today when we ran out, we've been eating the most delicious Tennessee strawberries ever. So sweet and juicy they stain everything they touch. It's so nice to have extra hands now that baby nugs is crawling. Little tater is quite the menace grabbing dirty shoes, phone cords, and dog food.
We had another playdate with cousin Charlie. They even shared a meal or rather, Miriam helped herself to the turkey & cheese from his tray. Those two are so funny I can barely stand it. That mane of his… well it's simply unbelievable. He's already had two haircuts. Cracks me up! Lauren says ladies stop her all the time just for a longer look. I wish I had half his locks on my head. Lucky soul.
Just like last year, St. Augustine's held their annual river baptism out on our farm. To think this time last year I had my belly blessed and now here I was toting around baby girl on my hip. Time sure flies. The rain held out and we watched 10 tiny babies dip in and out of the river in their white gowns while the music played. We listened to the sermon and visited with just the nicest group of people. There was a huge spread of food and children running around everywhere I looked. What a cool day. Everything Becca Stevens does is nothing short of amazing.
Whew, that was one long blog, but it's nice to share what's been going on around here. Now it's time to pack it up and head back to Greenville. Hubs had some great meetings, I got to see all my friends and Miriam got to hang with the grandparents. Time to get back to our bungalow and see what the future holds.

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