Saturday, May 7, 2011

derby day

The Derby is like Christmas in Lexington. Everyone partaking in pre-race celebrations and bourbon flowing. A sea of fancy and silly hats in the crowd. Hats not quite as fabulous as those from the royal wedding, but folks are definitely trying to do as the Brits do. Anyway, I've never been {it's on my list}, but seeing as we're horse people, it's kind of a big day around here too. We were just sitting at home today, but I figured Miriam should do it up right and get dressed up for her first race day. So I pulled out the equestrian print Lily dress hanging in the closet. Fashionable little nugget that she is. I about died when I opened up the gift from a friend and couldn't wait til she was big enough to wear it.

And since it was Derby day after all, we felt compelled to make Pims and bake up some Mamie's Cheese Wafers. Totally taste homemade and delicious. They're my secret go to in a pinch and you can find them at Fresh Market. We finished it off with cupcakes from the Chocolate Moose. Umm, good thing I worked out today I guess. They were so good and so worth it. I mean, do cupcakes ever get old?!

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