Thursday, May 12, 2011

kissing the mountain air

Oh my gosh, where do I begin? Greenville folks kept telling us how great Highlands, NC was so we'd been talking about doing a day trip. Well a day trip turned into an overnight stay. Trevor's group at school won their final presentation, hooray-hooray, and they received a nice little cash prize. Time to live it up and so we did. We left baby girl with Carlisle and drove up some winding roads on a sunny morning. I love a good road trip. Driving along somewhere you've never been, not in a hurry just taking in the scene. We had some recommendations so we stopped in Cashiers for some pretty killer bbq. Adorable spot called the Farmers Market with all sorts of delicious groceries but we continued on our way knowing there would be no cooking on this trip.

We arrived at the Old Edwards Inn around lunch and were offered champagne at check in. Yep, we'd made the right decision. Then we toured around the property (gorgeous) and landed in their wine garden for lunch. A small waterfall flowing, gardens blooming, and homemade buttermilk crackers & pimento cheese and I was already having the best day ever. So we lunched, we lounged, and we played until it was time for supper. It was just what we needed and I can't wait to go back one day.



  1. What a great trip! We go to Cashiers every 4th of July for a week. A great summer escape from the heat. So nice that Greenville is so close. Hope Miriam and Carlisle had a blast and lived it up w/ mom & dad gone!