Monday, May 16, 2011

clemson tiger

Two years ago he applied to grad school. We packed our bags, sold our house, moved to a new city, settled in, and started a family. We picked up our life and changed everything. He studied, took tests, did two internships, met new people, went to meetings, and studied a lot more. And after all of that… on Friday…drum roll please… Trevor received a Master of Real Estate Development degree from Clemson. He did it. He really did it and it was worth it all. So, we celebrated the big grad on his day. We filed into the auditorium and found some seats to watch him walk across the stage. Miriam was snazzed up in her orange & purple and did her best to entertain our section. Little nugget curled up for a few minutes in Carlisle's arms, but mostly she squeeked and sqwaked and passed between arms. The best was when we clapped & cheered for hubs she let it rip and goodness can this baby scream?! Just couldn't contain herself any longer. Knowing how much work went into this day I think we were all busting with love and pride.