Saturday, March 24, 2012

the collector

Have I ever told you my dad is a collector? He likes old stuff. Some stuff that's a little rusty and some stuff that's more polished, but it all tells a story. He loves the background of where something came from. Just point your finger in any direction in our house and he can tell you exactly where he got it and the history behind it. Photographs of the South, equestrian paintings, old quilts, antique furniture, antique books, architectural remnants, mint julep cups, moonshine jugs, mechanical banks, old trophies, vintage marbles, tin coffee cans, old feed sacks…the list goes on. And did I mention old metal signs from farms and gas stations? The barn is full of them. The guy from American Pickers would freak if he ever came by the farm. Yes, the man is a collector. Has been for a long time and I don't see him stopping any time soon. He certainly has a great eye and he knows what he likes. Loves the chase and loves the chance to bid. Must be the stock broker in him! Anyway, I'm sharing this because all this "collecting" lead to a feature in the magazine Antiques. My parents were incredibly honored to be included in a publication they have long admired. So, I just wanted to give my dad a little nod and say how proud I am to have a daddy with such an appreciation for beautiful things. It's definitely rubbed off on both his children!

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