Tuesday, May 18, 2010

back at it

Well did you think I tumbled down a rabbit hole and disappeared somewhere? Nope, just rolled back home and haven't stopped since I got here. Two baby showers, a cooking party and a birthday celebration. Oh yes and work. Pesky thing. I have some amazing pics to share, but darn it if I didn't leave my camera cord back in the bungalow. Gotta figure that one out asap.

Tomorrow I visit my old doc to start anew at some 35 weeks. My wardrobe is slim pickins these days as I continue to pop. My mom laughed as I came down the stairs in a sweatshirt that came up past my navel! And it's official. I have cankles. Yes folks, cankles. My poor ankles and toes are swollen up real nice. I even broke down and bought Crocs. I swore I would never be caught dead in those ugly things, but here I am waddling around in them. Ahh well, comfort over fashion at this point. And listen to this weird thing. My hands are falling asleep at night depending on which side I'm on. Very odd and I'll be asking the ole doc about that one, because it's very annoying to wake up to. I'm pretty sure I have another ultrasound tomorrow and can't wait to see the punkin' rolling around. In the meantime I am missing my husband something awful. Hurry home darlin.

After a few tough days, Cooper is settling in to life on the farm. Sniffing around in the tall grass, sleeping a lot and just takin'er easy.


  1. I have cankles as well. They are not pretty.

    I have the numbness too... asked my doctor about it and she said it had a lot to do with me working on the computer each day.

    The lovely things of pregnancy!!

  2. this just made me laugh. I got crocs while pregnant too. a must have really.