Tuesday, July 27, 2010

secret society

Gourmet food, flowing vino, bluegrass music, and lot's of activities – all at a secret society event?! Sounds like heaven to me. Garden & Gun (my favorite mag) hosted a big weekend at Blackberry Farm for their very special peeps. Fly fishing, cooking classes, and did I mention Julia Reed was there? Love her! There's a zing about her writing that always keeps me turning the page. She'd be just the type of person you'd love to find yourself next to at a swanky bar.
So I'm thinking a weekend there with friends–spent cooking, hiking, relaxing, and indulging on too much food & good wine is in my future. A very distant future, but just the same I am making my plans for one fine day.
beautiful photos via here


  1. my best friend and i were dreaming of a trip to blackberry farm just last week! wouldn't you have just died to be there with julia reed and the whole g&g crew!

  2. Why or why did you have to mention Blackberry Farm. It's been on my list of places to go for a long time and now that I've visited the website again I want to pack up the family and go for Christmas!!!