Monday, October 11, 2010

fall for greenville

This is one cool town I tell ya. Fall for Greenville was this weekend and the weather totally cooperated. So we got a babysitter and hit Main St. to sample some food and do some tasting at the "beer garden". Oh, how I love some ice cold brew and music on a warm night. Jason Isbel & Deer Tick played and we jammed right along with the crowd. I was feeling mighty fine, maybe a little too fine actually after the beer garden. I don't get out much! So we hit the hay early, but of course Mimers decided she didn't want me to sleep. Nope, it was not in the cards. She got up at eleven… and then one… and then three o'clock. Please child
ah-mazing short rib - crispy wonton tacos from the greenroom

And on Sunday I decided it was dress up day. There's a fancy little pink dress that's been hanging in the nursery, just begging to be worn. It's stiff cotton with delicate lace details and a slip underneath. We had no where to go, but the backyard seemed like a good enough spot for pictures. Too bad the mooshkin was too busy putting one hand in her mouth and the other tugging on her dress to cooperate. Silly baby.

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  1. Oh my goodness.Those tacos look divine. And that dress is stunning as is the little one in it! Precious!