Wednesday, October 6, 2010

a nanny

So my big news is I hired a nanny. Whoa. That sounds very grown up and a little scary. But it feels really good. I don't have any family here and only a couple of friends so I need this help something serious. Today I worked at Coffee Underground downtown. I ordered a big latte and found a comfy spot to zone out in the corner. I sipped it nice & slow and enjoyed my time alone. The work I had was nothing exciting, but it felt good. Like a little piece of the old me. I feel a bit guilty even saying that, but it's true. Everybody needs a break I think. And she's in good hands. Miriam is going to be spoiled and I feel totally at ease. Thank goodness for good timing at the grocery. I mean, what are the chances of meeting your nanny at the grocery?! Umm, pretty low I'd imagine and I wouldn't recommend it, but this is too perfect.

It's funny, because it's not like I was even gone that long today, but I was so ready to squeeze the moosh (Miriam) when I got home. Kiss those chubba cheeks and hold that baby girl. She was sportin' these cute bloomers from my friend MB. Just irresistible! They're from pink chicken so of course I luv 'em. And she smiled when I got home. A big toothless grin and giggle. What a good day.


  1. Look at that little bottom! Adorable!

  2. She is precious.

    Hope you are enjoying 'your' time as you can get back into working.

    And God provides in the most amazing ways. Loved that you met your nanny in the grocery store!